Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Usability news

[Tags: , ]. This from the latest email newsletter to USABILITY-NEWS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK:
------ LATEST NEWS ------

* Honda Website gets Impromptu Test and comes out Poorly
Source: UN, 24 April 2006
William Hudson of Syntagm asked members of the London Usability mailing list to try the following task, after his own experiences with the Honda website.

* Young British People neglect Health and Lifestyle through Impatience
Source: UN, 21 April 2006
Some colourful, but slightly dubious, statistics from about young people's impatience.

* UK Design Council takes Design to Social Issues
Source: UN, 20 April 2006
A new design discipline is emerging. It builds on traditional design skills to address social and economic issues says the latest report from RED.

* Media: SonicRim on Postdesign, where People do it for Themselves
Source: SonicRim, 20 April 2006
"Beyond User-Centered Design" is about 'Postdesign': 'We are heading into a world where relationships matter more than objects and human experience is what matters most of all.'

* Media: Electronicstalk reports on Philips' Shopping Phones
Source: Electronicstalk, 19 April 2006
Philips and Visa International have released a usability study of contactless payment technology.

------ EVENTS ------

* Web Design for Usability - London
Date: 11 May 2006
Syntagm is running a one-day course on usable web design in Central London on 11 May 2006. BHCIG or UK UPA members will receive a 5%. There is also currently a three for the price of two special offer.

* Card Sorting for Navigation Design - London
Date: 8 June 2006
Attendees will get first-hand experience of analyzing, conducting and participating in card sorts using data from existing, high-profile web sites. This half-day workshop is suitable for usability specialists and information architects.

* Human Computer Interaction Exhibition - Liverpool, UK
Date: 31 March 2006 to 28 May 2006
John Moores University and FACT ( present an unforgettable experience of interactivity and usability.

* UKUPA 'What does PAS 78 mean for accessibility?' - London
Date: 28 April 2006
This is a chance to put questions to some of the people involved in writing and reviewing PAS 78 and debate what the implications are and what will it mean for designers, developers and testers?

* Ethnography and how it can inform Design - Cambridge, UK
Date: 8 May 2006
Louise Ferguson looks at the nature of ethnography and what it can offer the user experience and design community and their clients.


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