Thursday, February 23, 2006

A meta-bookmarkleter?

[Tags: , , , ]. Social bookmarking site Ma.gnolia has helped me find OnlyWire, a site that allows you to simultaneously bookmark to a dozen or so sites, including, Blinklist, Furl, Spurl, and too many to list here, most of which I wasn't aware of. Well worth a try.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Web 3.0

[Tags: , ]. Jeffrey Zeldman has written one of the best articles I've read on the hype surrounding Web 2.0. For my part, I remember people bandying around "Web 2.0" five years ago, when I was Editor of Internet Monthly, when it was used to mean websites that used more than just HTML. Now it seems to mean using other people's APIs and tools like AJAX. Why? Zeldman sums it up brilliantly:
"As the first properly valued “Web 2.0” properties began to find buyers, a frenzy like the old one popped hideously back to life. Yahoo spent how much? Google bought what? Here was real blood in the water.

"But how to persuade the other sharks in the tank that this blood feast was different from the previous boom-and-bust? Easy: Dismiss everything that came before as “Web 1.0.”"

Thursday, February 09, 2006


[Tags: , ]. A word for the day: "A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, often containing audio narration," says Wikipedia. "The term was coined by columnist Jon Udell in 2004 in an article [1] describing the benefits of using the technique as a way to show other users applications he found interesting. Since then, the term has gained widespread use, and the use of screencasts has itself become more popular."

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Photography and new media advice sessions

[Tags: , ]. From a mailing:
"Arts Council England, West Midlands are offering the opportunity to discuss future projects and work plans for artists and arts organisations looking to apply for Arts Council funding. The sessions are aimed at photographers and new media artists (visual arts, performance practices, interdisciplinary activity, etc) living in the West Midlands and will give advice on how funding from Arts Council England can support a project, rather than a general portfolio session. You will need to bring examples of your work and have downloaded and looked at the new Grants for the arts information pack prior to your appointment. The sessions will be held on 6 March. To book a half hour appointment with Anna Douglas (Officer) or Meave Haughey (Assistant) phone Emily Malcolm, Arts Administrator on 0121 631 5739."

talk: Intellectual Property in emerging new media

[Tags: , ]. There's a free talk on the changing field of Intellectual Property in emerging new media on 13 February, with a special focus on podcasting: more info at "Alongside an experienced podcaster who runs a regular review show for emerging bands, we also have a lawyer who specialises in IP for creative industries - so you can treat the Q&A as a free legal consultation if you have any specific queries. ... Drop a quick email to if you’d like to attend; should be an interesting one."

Video hosting online

[Tags: , ]. Another online video hosting service to add to your favourites alongside Google Video: YouTube allows you to upload and tag your own videos - and share them with whoever you want. Or you can browse the videos others have downloaded: the site offers links to recently viewed, featured videos, and 'channels' based on particular interests, including videoblogging and short movies.