Friday, December 09, 2005

The best Flash thing I've seen all week

[Tags: ]. This is a great idea - it's called PocketMod and it uses Flash to allow you to create your own mini-book, the contents of which you choose from a number of options. For instance, you might have a to-do list on the front page, followed by four pages of storyboard templates you can fill in, a grid to sketch on, a diary page for the week, and a Su Doku puzzle on the back page. Once you've dragged your choices onto the grid, just click Print and you get a page that you can fold up and cut to create a customised pocketbook.

Other inclusions you can choose include lines, tables, music tab sheets, calendars for months or years, shopping lists, formulas, conversion tables, and a folding guide.

It's difficult to communicate just how clever this is - just pop along to to see it in action and try it out.

And if you're pleased with that, you will also want to look at the beta version of PDFtoPocketMod (zip file). It allows you to convert a PDF file into the pocketmod format - this takes some getting used to but allows you to take 8 page documents and make them pocket sized! Fantastic. I'm off to lie down.


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