Monday, November 14, 2005

How to solve the problem with disappearing columns in Blogger

[Tags: ]. My colleague Caroline Wilson recently had a problem with her blog where the outside column (About Me, Links, etc.) was shunted down to the bottom of the page for no apparent reason.

Well, now she's solved it.

The cause was a link address so long that it ran into the column and forced the contents downwards. The solution: change the link text (but not the link) by putting a gap where a line break is needed.

There's also another possible solution: use This site helpfully assigns you a brief URL where you don't want to have to type out a hefty database-generated address.

(note: HTML will see a hyphen in an address as a natural break and put anything following it on a new line without affecting the link - but that's assuming the address has a hyphen in it, and at the right place)


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